Robust knowledge of enabling ICT technologies such as NFV, SDN, Kubernetes, Docker, LXC, network optimization etc.

Longstanding experience in providing tailored hardware- and software-based solutions using different microcontroller technologies.

Network security, adaptation, orchestration and optimization are fundamental aspects of our operational efficiencies.

About Fingletek

Fingletek is a startup company born out of the necessity to address identified mondaine human challenges. It is a company composed of professionals with shared values and hardworking principles hinged upon their foresightedness and determination to make a difference. Our technical endowment is one which is very complementary, as a result, we are strategically positioned to effect innovative solutions, technical or otherwise in addressing customers’ business needs and competitive requirements. We are determined more than ever to bring new ideas and push the frontiers of the state of the art to achieve smarter ways of getting things done.

  • Progressive application development for providing both web-based and mobile applications
  • Communications and networking solutions for SMEs and larger corporations
  • Internet of Things smart solutions development and deployment for everyday use
  • Other embedded systems solutions for companies and vertical industries
  • Cloud computing and datacenter dimensioning and deployment solutions

Our Services

Smart Living

We provide IoT elderly care health solutions and applications. These include Qfloor, Qwear, and Qsense solutions to improve the overall quality of care provided to the elderly.

Shopping Advisors

The shopping advisor applications (web and mobile) called called fiksuStore/fiksuppi. It is a user friendly application that guides the customer on how to shop smartly, efficiently, and get a real-value for money shopping experience.

Consultancy Services

We also offer IT consultancy services for various companies by providing innovative, qualitative, and result-oriented solutions to their specific business needs.

Our Products

FiksuStore App

Our app aims to save you time and money as well as allow you to plan your grocery shopping in an efficient way. Our solution includes dynamic shopping lists with up-to-date price tracking for all major grocery chains in Finland. FiksuStore is your solution to maximize the value of your money spent on groceries. This shopping advisor ...

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Elderly Health Care Solutions

The ever-growing number of elderly people in Europe in general and particularly in Finland incurs an additional cost on the government and healthcare organizations to i) detect if they are in need of help and ii) to provide them with a prompt healthcare intervention in case of emergency. Additionally, a constant monitoring of ...

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Web/Mobile application development

At Fingletek, we turn your dreams to reality. Your branding and marketability is our ultimate goal. With the ever-growing number of businesses and startup companies, creation of company website has become a foundational aspect to proper business establishment. As a result, developing an efficient, interactive and ...

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